At PerforMax, we specialize in helping people in pain feel better.  On your first visit, we will listen to you tell about what started your pain, and how it affects your daily life.  Only after performing a thorough evaluation of the painful area as well as the surrounding areas, we will discuss the findings and treatment options.

Some pain issues are mechanical in nature.  Especially with neck or back pain, the body parts surrounding the painful area impact the location of the pain.  For example, tight hips are often found with lower back pain, a stiff mid back or thoracic spine often contributes to neck pain.  Improving the mobility of surrounding structures decreases the stresses on the painful area and ultimately reduces the pain.

In other cases, inflammation is the primary cause.  In this case, the tissues are irritable and overstressed.  Massage techniques, gentle machines and postural corrections can all help the healing process.

After improving the mobility and health of the affected tissues, we then start to gently stabilize the affected areas.  Many times pain inhibits muscles from moving correctly.  We utilize specific exercises to address and correct muscle movement patterns.  We then slowly return you to your prior level of activities, whatever it may be.  Our goal is to get you where you want to be so that you are PERFORMING at your MAXIMUM ability.

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